Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Ode to Wendy's Super Bar

Oh how I loved you

How I wish you were here

For you, Wendy’s Super Salad Bar

I’ve shed many a tear

For just three ninety-nine

I could have all that I can eat

Jell-O... pudding... pasta

Tacos with extra meat

Imitation bacon bits

Abound in great supply

Those shelled sunflower seeds I love so much

I think I may cry

Your sneeze guard of glass

Protecting you with care

Yes it looked disgusting

But imagine if bare

Oh why oh why did you leave me

Why did they take you away

If only I could see you again

Oh the words that I would say

Why, Wendy’s Founder Dave Thomas

Did you play with my heart

And that red headed daughter of yours

That slutty little tart

Every time I drive past

I see her evil little grin

As if to say, “She’s gone forever...

That’s right Mother fucker...

I win.”

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